Of Tugging Heartstrings

I think food is definitely a morale booster for me, and the past few days would have been absolutely horrid if I didn’t get any.

Yesterday was a day spent in abosulte ecstasy with more glorious food and great company. Kudos to Clarence and Guojun, the latter who came all the way from Germany to relieve stress without knowing that his host is the most stressed during this period; Ethan, Swallow and Fang Mei, who provided the entertainment for the night; My evergreen cooking buddies, San and Joe!

Here is what transpired for the dinner:

Stir Fried Glutinous Rice



Fried Chicken

And everyone knows that I’m an idiot at electronics, I use them, but when they break down, i suck at putting them back together. But I DID THIS! hahaha fixed the fan in my room. Thought it would be a nice touch for the summer.

Bert has Spoken. Change is in Motion.


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